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Attack on Titan Deluxe Cloth Eren Yeager Ellen  

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Attack on Titan Deluxe Cloth Eren Yeager Ellen (1)    Attack on Titan Deluxe Cloth Eren Yeager Ellen (2)    

SKU/Product Code : BANP49617
Category : APPAREL
Sub Category : Costumes
Series : Attack on Titan
Manufacturer : Banpresto
Retail Price : $25.00
Release Date : Jun 17, 2015

Advance giant Deluxe multimedia cross-Eren Yeager ~
Most popular anime anime collection
Attack on Titan Deluxe Multi Cross Anime Goods BANPRESTO

Attack on Titan Deluxe multi cloth Ellen Yeager
(With poster)

Condition of the item is unopened.
(Size: width 110 mm, height 170 mm)
Poster, is an added bonus.

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