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Neopiko-2 Basic 12 Colors Set  

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Neopiko-2 Basic 12 Colors Set (1)    

SKU/Product Code : 311-1101
UPC Code : 4933465841016
Sub Category : Neopiko Line-3
Series : Deleter
Manufacturer : Deleter
Retail Price : $50.00
Release Date : Oct 31, 2017

Deleter NEOPIKO-2 markers are an excellent tool for the aspiring illustrators and professionals alike.&nbsp; These markers deliver a level of performance similar to that of other high quality brand name markers at a lower cost. Whether your illustrating on paper, garments, and other fabrics, the NEOPIKO-2 markers have resilient ink that won't fade, smudge or wash away. The NEOPIKO-2 is a non-toxic, acid free, alcohol-based pigment ink that dries instantly. *NOTE*&nbsp; It is recommended that you store the markers horizontal on a flat surface to maintain ink uniformity inside the resevoir. <br /><br />Features:<br />* Selection of 144 colors<br />* Usuable on paper and different fabrics<br />* Dual sided tip which include a brush and fine tip<br />* Non-Toxic alcohol based ink<br />* Quick drying

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