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Pokemon Poke Ball and Pikachu Tail with Clear Gem Pendant with Chain Necklaces  

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Pokemon Poke Ball and Pikachu Tail with Clear Gem Pendant with Chain Necklaces (1)    

UPC Code : 642415293686
Sub Category : Necklaces
Series : Pokemon
Manufacturer : Nintendo
Retail Price : $16.00
Release Date : Oct 13, 2016

Stainless Steel Pokemon Poke Ball and Pikachu Tail with Clear Gem Pendant with Chain. Licensed Jewelry Hanging Card Included. Pendant Dimension: 1" (Length) x 1" (Width) x 0.64" (Height). Chain Size: 18 inch long.

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BANP37954  Pokemon Sun & Moon Pikachu, Vulpix, and Alolan Vulpix 5cm Key Chain (set/3) $34.99
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PMEEVEECH01  Pokemon Eevee Bead Charm $15.00
PMSQRTLCH01  Pokemon Squirtle Water Drop Bead Charm $15.00
PMBLUBCH01  Pokemon Bulbasaur Bead Charm $15.00
PMPOKEBCH01  Pokemon Poke Ball with Clear CZ Bead Charm $17.50
PMPIKACH01  Pokemon Pikachu Lightning Bolt Bead Charm $15.00
PMMEWTPNK02  Pokemon Mewtwo Enamel Pendant with Chain Necklaces $13.00
PMPOKEHRTNK02  Pokemon Poke Ball Heart Shape Pendant with Chain Necklaces $11.00
PMPOKBPNK04  Pokemon Pokeball Pendant with Chain Necklaces $10.00
PMPOKBPNKSM01  Pokemon Poke Ball Small Pendant with Chain Necklace $10.00
Gashapon/Capsule Toys 
4904790856402  Windup Ash Hat Pikachu 6cm (7 Variants) Random Assortment Capsules (Bag of 40) $250.00
4549660132097  Pokemon Hole Dig Capsule Figures [Bag of 40] $250.00
Y858628  Pokemon Mimikyu Capsules (Bag of 50) [5 Variants] $220.00


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