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Hetalia World Series Britain & America Lunch Bag  

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Hetalia World Series Britain & America Lunch Bag (1)    

SKU/Product Code : GE81060
UPC Code : 699858810604
Category : APPAREL
Sub Category : Bag/Backpack
Series : Hetalia
Manufacturer : GE
Retail Price : $19.99
Release Date : May 9, 2012


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Wallet & Coin Purse 
GE81510  Hetalia America Clutch Wallet $17.99
GE2487  Hetalia PU Taro Coin Purse $9.59
GE2496  Hetalia SD World Wallet $18.99
GE2481  Hetalia Italy Pizza Coin Purse $11.99
GE81531  Hetalia World Series Graduation Group Hinge Wallet $17.99
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Wristband and Arm Wear 
GE54017  Hetalia Germany PVC Wristband $5.99
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Cell Phone Accessories 
GE17100  Hetalia World Series Russia Cellphone Charm $6.99
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Note Books 
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GE43128  Hetalia World Series England Notebook $9.99
GE4058  Hetalia Japan & England Notebook $9.99
GE7983  Hetalia Allied Notebook $9.99
GE8300  Hetalia Germany And Italy Notebook $9.99
GE4061  Hetalia SD Allied Powers Notebook $9.99
Note Pads 
GE8589  Hetalia England Magnet Notepad $12.99
GE4011  Hetalia Memo Pad $4.99
Greeting Cards 
GE7960  Hetalia Postcards $7.19
GE4063  Hetalia Group Postcard $7.19
GE4022  Hetalia Group Binder $9.99
GE6488  Hetalia Group File Folder (5 Pcs Pack) $9.99
GE6499  Hetalia 5 Country File Folder (5 Pcs Pack) $9.99
GE4111  Hetalia America Flag $21.99
GE4119  Hetalia Russia Flag $21.99


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